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2015 - US Energy Storage Monitor Executive Summary

Grid Energy Storage 

Energy Storage Cost Template and Tool: Guidelines Developed by the Energy Storage Integration Council for Distribution-Connected Systems (ESIC Cost Tool) v1.0

Date Published:15-Apr-2016

Sector Name:Power Delivery & Utilization - Distribution & Utilization

Document Type: Software

Price:No Charge


This Product is publicly available. This report or any part of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way without EPRI's prior written consent.


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This ESIC Energy Storage Cost Tool is intended to organize and list the full set of cost line items for a distribution-connected energy storage project from initial project development through decommissioning. The cost template includes one-time, upfront project costs, recurring annual or periodic costs, and end-of-life costs. Vendors and customers/utilities also have the ability to specify individual cost line items and/or sub-categories of cost line item groupings as excluded or not applicable. Using key energy storage project specifications and cost data, this tool will calculate the Total Cost of Ownership for Energy Storage (TCOES) using a conventional pro forma cash flow approach.

Benefits and Value

The key benefits of the tool include the following for a distribution-connected energy storage project:

  1. Clarify exhaustive scope of cost components

  2. Simplify RFI/RFP communications between vendors and customers/utilities

  3. Create a transparent template of individual cost components and TCOES calculation method to support interrelated ESIC efforts

Platform Requirements

Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013

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