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                         Intellectual Property



VEPP is committed to being as flexible as possible with regard to managing and protecting intellectual property to meet our partners and members needs. In all cases, our primary goal in accordance with our mandate is to manage any intellectual property “for the benefit of Canada and the VRB industry”.

Typically, this means that VEPP looks to create impact by collaborating with partners and members using its resources in expertise and know-how, and where appropriate, to license existing or arising IP to companies that are well positioned to bring them to market. Each case is dealt with independently by experts in technology development and licensing to ensure that both parties’ needs are met and the IP can be used to the benefit of industry. Various licensing arrangements and agreements are possible, ranging from full licensed rights to limited licenses based on application or region.

Managed by independent global partners, VEPP is subject to standard legislation with respect to ownership of intellectual property. Intellectual property created directly by the VEPP technial team is owned by VEPP.  Where IP is jointly created by VEPP and an VEPP partner or member, the partner or member will be asked to assign their portion of the IP to VEPP and then it will be licensed back to them. This is intended to keep the administration of the IP simple, ensuring the benefits of a larger IP portfolio and dedicated management team can be realized by VEPPs partners, as well as the contribution of public money in specific technology development is accurately captured. It is not the intention of VEPP to take over collaborators intellectual property or otherwise infringe on their ability to operate, as this is contrary to our objectives and mandate. Other approaches or propsals to this framework with be assessed on a case by case basis.

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