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About VEPP

Process solutions for vanadium electrolyte (VE) 

The Vanadium Electrolyte Process Partnership (VEPP) is an independent alliance of vanadium developers collaborating to establish low cost vanadium electrolyte (VE) solutions.

Technical Commitee - Primary supply development

Terry Perles
Dr. Maria Skyllas Kazacos
Mark Reynolds
Ron Molnar

35 years experience in hydrometallurgical bench and pilot plant testing.  He is a solvent-extraction specialist.  Dr. Molnar is a life member and fellow of CIM.  He has designed, built and operated over 60 pilot plant circuits extracting a wise range of metallic elements.  He is an author and a consultant within the field of solvent extraction and ion exchange process testing and development.

Professor Emeritus at UNSW, Australia and is the inventor and pioneer of the Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB,VFB,VRFB) technology now globally commercialized . 

30 years executive experience in vanadium industry in roles including financing energy storage projects and strategic planning.

30 years of experience in the vanadium industry in roles including engineering, construction management, sales, marketing and senior management. Former VP Global Sales, Stratcor/EVRAZ. 

Flyash Specialist - Secondary supply development

Kourosh Khaje

Founder & President of Ensitech Nearly 20 years’ experience in energy intensive industries (Oil & Gas, Renewable), waste to value added products (R&D, Optimization of pilot plant and Project Management. 


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