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Blockchain and Decentralization

XRG® is developing advanced blockchain technologies designed to handle a much higher throughput of transactions, making them ideal for digital energy currencies and other decentralized applications. 

This technology uses machine learning algorithms to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency of XRG® Energy systems.

By incorporating these advanced technologies, XRG® is leading the shift towards a more decentralized and sustainable energy grid. With the ability to handle a high throughput of transactions, XRG® Blockchain can support the development of digital energy currencies and other decentralized applications that are critical to the future of energy efficiency.

Global Market Insights Inc.

”Blockchain technology in the energy market is predicted to rise from USD 200 million in 2018 to around $18 billion by 2025.”

Blockchain for decentralised and distributed energy markets

XRG® Blockchain technology, makes it possible to process a large number of transactions per second. It is fast, transparent, and secure, which is critical for energy projects that require a high level of security and transparency. At 45,000+ transactions per second and growing, we enable residential to large-scale energy projects, to become smart grids with integrated peer-to-peer energy trading. 

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