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Electric Metals Conference/Summit  

November, 21-24, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Inaugural VEPP Meeting

November 24, 2016, Royal Dalhousie, Quebec City, Quebec Canada

10Am-2:00PM EST Invite only

Quebec Mines Conference/

Energy Innovation Minerals: Vanadium Symposium

November 23, 2016, Quebec City, Quebec Canada

                                Chairs: Réjean Girard (Services Géoscientifiques IOS) and Patrick Houle (MERN)



2:00PM EST:  State of global vanadium in 2016

  • Speaker: Terry Perles (TTP Squared, Pittsburgh, U.S.)

  • Presentation in English                                                                                   

  • Theme : mining economy and collectivities                                                                                                                                                                                        

2:50PM EST:  Overview of Québec’s vanadium potential

  • Speaker: Patrick Houle (MERN)

  • Theme : exploration


3:15PM EST: Vanadium: Extractive metallurgy

  • Speaker: Réjean Girard (IOS Services Géoscientifiques)

  • Co-author: Todd Richardson (AMG Vanadium)

  • Thématique : Mining economy and collectivities 

3:40PM EST: Vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB): How they work, their advantages and disadvantages, their applications and uses, and their potential market in North America

  • Speaker: Patrick H.J. Mercier (NRCC)

  • Co-authors: Giovanna Gonzales-Calienes and Christina Bock (NRCC)

  • Theme : Environnement économie et collectivités


4:00PM EST: Vanadium applications in steel

  • Speaker: Robert J. Glodowski (RJG Metallurgical LLC, Pittsburgh, U.S.)

  • Presentation in English

  • Theme : économie et collectivités

Signup here for full Symposium on Energy Innovation Minerals November 23-24...

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